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Address: Lieu dit, Manichino, 20145



Port of Solenzare at the end of the day
Port of Solenzara during the day

Solenzara's Seaport

Just a few minutes from the E Marine Di Manichinu residence, the Solenzara marina opens the door to a multitude of nautical activities.

Ideally located 30 miles south of the port of Taverne and 18 miles north of the port of Porto-Vecchio, and 62 miles from the island of Elba, the port of Solenzara occupies a strategic position for sailors and lovers of the sea.

Plan sea excursions, hire a boat, all within easy reach of your accommodation. Easy access to maritime activities during your stay at the E Marine Di Manichinu residence ensures unforgettable moments on the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discover the Corsican coast from a new angle and make the most of every moment of your vacation.

Our Region

Beach near Bonifacio
Cliffs of Bonifacio
Bonifacio view from above

Bonifacio and it's citadel

Continuing south for 1h30, Bonifacio, perched on its limestone cliffs, is a marvel not to be missed.

Explore its picturesque alleyways, lively port and, above all, admire the breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea.

The surrounding area abounds in secret coves and magnificent beaches, making it ideal for a day's exploration.

The majestic Aiguilles de Bavella

Just a 30-minute drive north of Solenzara, you'll discover the splendid Aiguilles de Bavella massif. These rocky peaks, sculpted by time, offer an exceptional panorama and are a must for hiking enthusiasts.

The trails take you through forests of laricio pine and past refreshing streams, offering an escape into the heart of nature.